Friday, February 6, 2009

I'd love to hear your ideas for reducing your carbon footprint. Here's an idea from Washington State: get your state senator or rep to introduce legislation that allows car insurance companies to charge people based on how many miles they drive. That would provide an incentive to people to reduce their carbon impact by charging less for insurance for those who drive fewer miles. Read more about it here: (BTW, the article features my sister Polly. Read it for inspiration!) It does raise some privacy concerns. Would you be willing to have the number of miles you drive monitored in order to save money on insurance and provide extra motivation for driving less? I would.

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  1. I would. I work hard to combine trips and keep driving down. I sure wish the bus came out here and I sometimes feel guilty for living 5 miles out of town. After we play racquetball, I drop Ray at work. Then he takes the bus to the end of the line and I pick him up there. That means we have to coordinate our schedules and plan carefully. I won't go to the movies or many activities, unless there are at least two of us. And of course, the ultimate savings, my parents live in the same house with us!