Friday, September 18, 2009

The Age of Stupid

Just a quick note on a couple of upcoming events. The Age of Stupid, a combination documentary-drama told from the perspective of one of the survivors of the human race in 2055, will premiere this Monday, Sept. 21 in 440 theaters nationwide, including two in Albuquerque. Beamed live from a solar tent in New York, the event will feature a discussion with scientists, political figures, and celebrities as well as the movie. The next day, Sept. 22, 80 heads of state will meet in NY for a climate change summit to focus on the need to achieve an ambitious agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December. Starring Pete Postlethwaite (The Constant Gardener, The Shipping News), "The Age of Stupid, directed by Franny Armstrong, will be taken by some as an emergency wake-up call to do everything possible to avert impending catastrophe," according to The New York Times movie review. See details and buy tickets here. If you'd like to see it in Albuquerque, comment here to set up a carpool.

On October 24, is inviting people around the planet to hold events publicizing the need to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million in order for conditions on the planet to be similar to those that have sustained civilization and life on Earth. These events will be a message to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December that there is widespread support for ambitious goals to reduce CO2 to levels that support the planet's ecosystems and civilizations. There are a couple of events registered in Santa Fe--can you join me in helping at least one of them get some attention for this critical problem? Or organize an event in your community! Send us your thoughts!
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    I am not recommending or endorsing, but let me know if it looks good.

  2. Yesterday I went to the opening day of a new restaurant in town: Saladworks. It was fun: bright colors, good lighting. I think it will do well because of the college crowd (women) and the healthy food. But I won't be going back. They use disposable plastic bowls and "silver" ware, as well ss drinks in bottles. One woman took hers when she left--to recycle? And I didn't even ask about where the ingredients come from--not local, I would guess.

  3. The Hempster's Stitch looks good, Patty--thanks for the suggestion (I haven't tried any of their products yet, so I don't know how they are.) And good for you for not supporting a restaurant that uses so many disposable products. If you let them know why you're not supporting them, and if others do, too, maybe they'll use fewer disposables. Thanks for the comments, and for all your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint!