Friday, May 22, 2009

Stop Junk Mail

Here's an easy way to save yourself some hassle and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Tonic MailStopper claims to stop up to 90% of your junk mail in 90 days. They work with over 6500 direct marketers to stop catalogs, credit card offers, and other mail you don't want. You'll save the energy and resources required to make and transport junk mail, as well as the time and energy you spend to recycle it or throw it out. This is a global warming action double whammy, since trees absorb carbon dioxide that causes global warming. Another site to look at is 41 Pounds, which claims to get rid of 80 to 95 percent of your junk mail for $41 for five years. You can also take the do-it-yourself approach for free by following the steps at or

I've just signed up for MailStopper. After you sign up, you enter organizations and catalog companies you no longer want to receive mail from in your online account. This allows you to receive mail from the ones you want, but requires work on your part. They also contact many direct marketers on your behalf to stop that mail directly. Some marketers require your signature to stop sending you mail, so MailStopper will send you postcards to sign and return. I'll let you know in 90 days if my mail has significantly decreased. Click here to check out MailStopper and sign up if you like.

Let me know how any of these or other carbon-footprint-reducing ideas work for you!
Stay cool,


  1. How much is mailstopper? I am pretty sure I signed up for something free a few years ago and it definitely reduced it. We still get catalogs from lots of companies (which I sort of like) and credit card offers. I am guessing they will be reduced with the new legislation. The thing I hate the most is getting two or more of the same piece of mail. Sometimes this is because one is addressed to me and one to my mother, but we don't need both of them!

  2. MailStopper is $20/year. It allows you to pick the organizations you don't want to get mail from and keep those you do. I checked the 41 Pounds site, and it's not clear whether they allow you to pick and choose. I'm not sure about the free ones, either. If you remember the free one you signed up for, let us know!