Friday, June 25, 2010

Call, call again!

It's just possible that Senators are going to show some backbone on climate legislation.  Here's an article from Grist giving evidence for hope.  Of course, there's nothing like us, their constituents, calling them and telling them we support strong climate legislation to help them develop backbone.  If you haven't called them yet, now is a great time, while they're enthusiastic, and before the fall elections when Republicans, few of whom have shown any interest in fighting climate change, may gain seats in the Senate.  Go here to find your Senator's contact info.  If you absolutely can't call, email, but calling is many times more effective than email.  See my last post for more details on Senate climate legislation.

If you're going on vacation, or even if you're not, remember that once you've selected the lowest-impact method of transportation possible, you can offset the rest.  Here's my blog post exploring the controversial world of carbon offsets.

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