Friday, February 4, 2011

Stop the Do Nothing on Climate bills!

Hi - I've been taking a break to do some other writing, but I had to let you know about this. Senator John Barrasso (does Barrasso make anyone else think of embarrassment?) of Wyoming has introduced a bill that would prevent ANYONE in the US from doing ANYTHING about climate change. OK, not quite, but close. It would prevent any Federal agency including the EPA (um, that's their job) from doing anything to reduce the US's contribution to climate change. Yeah, I know, we shouldn't even have to read about stuff like this, but it's happening. So please go here and sign a letter to your members of Congress to oppose bills that are breaking out like a case of hives all over the Capitol to gut the Clean Air Act and repeal the EPA's scientific finding that greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat to human health.
And stay cool! (No problem with that in most of the US at the moment)

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